• Investment for Future Power

  • Investment for Future Power

  • Investment for Future Power

Let the sun work for you !!

Going solar is especially advantageous for many industrial applications and house holds because of the high-energy consumption these entities require. Hence, those committed towards green future and heavy return on their investements are relying on solar for their commercial and house hold needs. Not only companies and house holds but also industries, hotels, hospitals, real estates are switching to solar for their electricity and heating requirements, and are enjoying a significant reduction in electricity bills.

However, installing solar plant intially comes with a significant cost and it totally depends on the size of the plant. Size of the plant vary as per the requirement and hence finance requirement varies from customer to customer.

We provide various financing options such CAP-EX, OP-EX, Loan, and Installments to our customers so that they can enjoy the benefits of the solar energy.


You own your own solar plant. Pay upfront and enjoy benefits of solar energy.

  • Earn money for excess amount of energy generated by your plant.

  • Payback in year 6-7 after which Cost of Generation of Solar Power goes down to ~ Rs 1 / kWh.

  • Accelerated Deprecitation benefit of upto 80% of the System cost in year 1

  • No restrictions on shutting down the solar plant, moving it to a different location or even removing it if the need be


Pay only for electricity consumed, that too at lower than the standard electricity price.

  • Zero Upfront costs.

  • procure power at rates cheaper than existing grid rates and enjoy savings for the term of PPA (usually 25 years) from day 1 of the system operation

  • Solar system production is guaranteed by developer so no worry about the quality of the system as any shortfall inproduction results in developers loss

  • Operations & maintenance as well as Insurance are included in the PPA rate.

  • Daily asset monitoring for production will be done by developer using the advanced analytical tools to predict any issues not seen by the eye.

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