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  • Put your load on Sun

    Put your load on Sun

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    Go Green!

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  • It has Never been this easy before

    It has Never been this easy before

Why Solar

Continuous Power Supply

Continuous & Reliable Power Supply

Fetch Power from a consistent source of energy i.e Sun by switching to Solar for an Uninterrupted & Hassle Free Power Supply for next 25 Years.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Save big on Electricity Bill and earn for every extra unit generated by Net-Metering.

Easy Installation and Neglegible Maintainance

Easy Installation and Neglegible Maintainance

Lay Back, Relax and Enjoy uninterrupted power through installed system upto 25 years.

Green Future

Green Future

Contribute to reduction in carbon foot print and save the world, and serve your responsibility towards environment.

Why choose Urjaswa ?

Design and Engineering

Assurance of best in-class Design & Optimally Egineered Solution for your power requirement by professionals.

Approvals and Finances

Assistance at each step to provide Subsidy, Loans and Net-Meter approvals.

Commissioning and Maintenance

Commissioning of ergonomically engineered Solar System with negligible maintenance cost upto 25 years.